Something for Everyone at Blue Bunny

8pk2.1ozCadbury_ICBar_ToffeeMAW_927564Chocolate lovers have something to smile about. Wells Blue Bunny has launched two new ice cream bars in partnership with Cadbury. Royal Dark made of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream dipped in Cadbury dark chocolate coating, and English Toffee is Blue Bunny toffee ice cream dipped in Cadbury milk chocolate coating with toffee pieces. The treats join four other flavors in the Blue Bunny’s co-branded line of Cadbury offerings.

“We wanted to keep the category fresh,” says Bob Cronin, director of customer development.  “We did a consumer panel and they were excited about the flavors.” Available now, nationwide, the bars come eight to a box with a suggested retail price of around $4.99. “They have been met with a very welcoming response,” adds Cronin.

On the fruity end of the frozen case, the Lamars, Iowa-based company launched frozen yogurt bars under the Yoplait brand. The Original Frozen Yogurt Bars come 10 to a box in Harvest Peach and Strawberry Banana—both with flavored yogurt and fruit pieces—and the Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars come six to a box in Honey Caramel and Raspberry—made from Greek frozen yogurt with fruity swirls.

The frozen yogurt bars expand on the Yoplait line of frozen yogurt pints that come in Greek and Original varieties, both available in seven distinct flavors. The Original come 10 to a pack while the Greek come in six to a pack, both with a suggested retail price of around $4.93. “Yogurt has exploded and continues to appeal to the more health-conscious consumer,” says Cronin.

Cadbury Bars, Yoplait Frozen Yogurt and Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars
Wells Blue Bunny

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