Frankly Fresh Discusses the Benefits of HPP

Ash HeadshotDr. Ash Husain, Executive Vice President of R&D and Technology for Frankly Fresh, A Cedarlane Natural Foods company, talks about how the company is using High Pressure Processing (HPP), an FDA-recognized technology that preserves product freshness, flavor, safety and increased shelf life, without the use of artificial preservatives to extend its brand nationally.

What is the High Pressure Processing (HPP) Technology?

It is a novel state-of-the-art cold pasteurization technology whereby foods are packaged in flexible packaging and subjected to elevated (87,000 psi) pressure isostatically (uniform from all direction) to destroy pathogenic and spoilage bacteria. Since the process is essentially nonthermal, the original fresh taste, nutrition and other quality attributes are retained while extending microbiological shelf life several folds.

How is CedarLane using the technology and what are the benefits?

CedarLane is an established icon for “Fresh, Great Tasting, Natural and Healthy Foods.” We deploy the HPP technology to deliver on that promise of not only highly superior quality foods but without any chemical preservatives. In addition, CedarLane is able to expand distribution nationally with enhanced food safety and extended shelf life.

Why is it important to have a longer shelf life?

High Pressure Processing retains sensorial attributes of foods while inactivating food-borne pathogens, for example, Listeria, E.coli, salmonella and spoilage microorganisms resulting in longer shelf life without loss of quality. The manufactures benefit from national distribution and protecting brand equity and the retailers and consumers benefit from reduced spoilage.

How will the technology benefit the industry as a whole and at the retail level?

Both industry and retailers will reap the benefits from projected double digit growth in the Fresh Chilled Ready-to-Eat Meal category that meets the unmet needs of today’s consumers i.e quality and convenience. Also, because of the longer shelf life, retailers will benefit on their bottom line from minimal shrinkage of products.

Do you predict that more and more companies will use the technology in the future?

HPP is the most revolutionary food preservation technology the food industry has discovered and commercialized since the invention of heat pasteurization of fluid milk by Louis Pasteur some 200 years ago. During the last two decades the technology has come a long way since the first commercial application for guacamole in 1994. Today, worldwide, there are almost 200 HPP systems operating and producing safe, ESL deli meats, juices, salsas, dips and now for the first time CedarLane will be launching chilled ESL Ready-to-Eat meals. High Pressure Processing Technology is the future not only for fresh refrigerated foods but also for superior quality shelf stable foods.

How does the technology give the company an advantage?

The HPP technology extends CedarLane foods’ heritage of fresh, natural, healthy food to now in a safer, superior quality and longer lasting platform. CedarLane is the first to introduce HPP entrees to clubs channels, for example, Costco and is well positioned to introduce a line of Ready-to-Eat meal solutions to the retail channels.

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