C.H. Robinson’s Pink Ribbon Watermelon Program Develops App

Watermelon_appWatermelon that Wows!, a new mobile app developed by C.H. Robinson’s Pink Ribbon Watermelon program, brings to life the many creative uses and health benefits of watermelon.

The app features a variety of different activities for users to interact with, from step-by-step instructions to carve ornate watermelon centerpieces, to watermelon recipes and a family-friendly “Save the Watermelon” seed spitting game where users help a farmer protect his watermelon crop from vermin. All profits from the sale of this app will be donated to breast cancer research organizations.

The Pink Ribbon Watermelon program allows retailers to participate in a comprehensive program that includes consistent supply, in-store support and a cause-marketing component. Since 2008, the program has raised over $680,000 for breast cancer research.

“Consumers have long loved the health benefits from watermelon. Now they also love the fact that funds raised through the Pink Ribbon Watermelon program are going to fund critically important breast cancer research programs,” says Josh Knox, strategic category manager at C.H. Robinson. “The ‘Watermelon that Wows!’ app adds another component to our innovative melon offering.”

The app is the latest addition to an already robust program. Participants in the Pink Ribbon Watermelon program enjoy marketing support that includes a website, blog, Facebook page and event marketing.

C.H. Robinson

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