Gourmet Trading Company’s Grower Awarded Washington Person of the Year

Gourmet Trading Company,  a supplier of fresh asparagus in North America, announced that their Washington Grower Field Representative, Phil Clouse, was awarded Washington Asparagus Person of the Year. Clouse first began working for Gourmet Trading Company in 2005 when the company established a state of art packing facility in Washington set to revive the deteriorating industry. This year will be the company’s 8th consecutive season of Washington Asparagus.

Phil Clouse was awarded for his outstanding service over past 40 years to the Washington Asparagus Industry by the Washington Asparagus Commission. “We are honored to have
Phil Clouse as part of the Gourmet Trading Company family. Thanks to Phil’s hard work and determination over the past 8 years Gourmet Trading Company has become the largest shipper in the area. We look forward to another great Washington Asparagus season with him,” says Brian Miller, the company’s president.

Phil Clouse and the rest of the Gourmet Trading Company expect a strong crop with steady volumes throughout the season. Washington Asparagus from Gourmet Trading Company is available from until the end of June in 11-lb and 28-lb cases and in special packs like shelf life extending bagged asparagus.

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