LifeIce Offer an Alternative to Traditional Frozen Treats

LifeIceFor the American public who is concerned about the nutritional content of food, LifeIce introduced bite-sized ices. According to company officials, they are something uniquely satisfying and delicious for health conscious professionals, on-the-go parents, fitness buffs and weight-conscious individuals all looking for healthy snack options, without sacrificing taste or enjoyment.

The 100% natural, bite-sized ices, LifeIce “cubettes” are fat-free, low in calories and sugars, gluten-free, Kosher-certified, GMO-free and without preservatives. Additionally, the patent-pending freeze & eat delivery system allows these bite-sized ices to be sold shelf stable, at room temperature, in liquid form and in custom-engineered trays that carry a one year “Best If Frozen By” shelf life.

The treats come in four distinctive flavors: Citrus Chomp, Berry Bite, Green Grind and Chocolate Crisp. Each of these flavors start with a base of coconut water and agave, which is then blended with combinations of Superfoods such as Mangosteen, Yumberry, Green Tea Extract & Cherry and everyday health boosters like Ginger, Blueberry, Kale & Currant. The treats have a suggested retail price of $4.99.

With a generous serving size equal to 24 cubettes, even the most devoted, health- and weight-conscious consumer will be pleasantly surprised to see ingredient names they can recognize, value claims that resonate, fewer calories than traditional snacks and delivery of a truly healthy product as promised, say company officials.


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