Protection without the Wipe

P #2 on handle (3)Health Touch Solutions is offering a solution to wet wipes for shopping cart handles. Our product is a safe, dry, recyclable, antimicrobial, plastic sheet that each of your shoppers can use individually to protect themselves from germs. Cart Guard is patented, with a light
adhesive that leaves zero residue.

Cart Guard stays on the shopping cart handle for the duration of the shopping experience and removed by the attendants who claim to prefer touching these for removal than the wet wipes that are often stuck in difficult places to retrieve and we aren’t quite sure what it is we are touching, say company officials.

These serve as immediate protection for shoppers and employees, as well as a safety
measure with our patented adhesive, to prevent a slip hazard. This opportunity can be available to your stores at no cost or at a discounted rate that will save you money on your current cost of wipe, say officials.

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