Tyson Fresh Meats Brings Date Night Home

SRA Spring posterSpring has arrived and with it, Tyson Fresh Meats, the beef and pork subsidiary of Tyson Foods, wants Star Ranch Angus beef at the center of consumers’ date nights. In a new promotion running through July 4, a relaxing dinner at home with Star Ranch Angus steaks is being positioned as a great alternative to an expensive steak dinner out. Consumers are invited to create the perfect hassle-free date night at home by “dining under the star” with Star Ranch Angus steaks.

The promotion includes in-store consumer elements featuring a coupon with two recipes for savory steak rubs. Consumers can access additional date night recipes on the Star Ranch Angus brand website. Meat case point-of-sale elements also include a poster, price sign and hats for meat department employees.

“With the warmer spring weather, our customers are eager to cure their cabin fever with some outdoor grilling. This promotion does a great job of presenting Star Ranch Angus steaks as the perfect choice to serve for date nights in their own backyards,” says Dan Ruiter, meat operations manager at Lou’s Thrifty Way Market.

“Date nights are meant for fun and relaxation, and this promotion spreads the message that Star Ranch Angus beef is the perfect excuse to spend quality time with a loved one relaxing at home,” says Rick Janke, premium brand manager. “The coupon gives consumers added value and the steak rub recipes to help them create a perfect meal they can prepare with their dates. This promotion also supports our retailers with engaging point-of-sale materials that help boost Star Ranch Angus beef sales during spring and summer.”

Star Ranch Angus
Tyson Fresh Meats

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