Baby Gourmet Introduces Squoosh Pouches for Kids

BeetberryPouch_EnglishBaby Gourmet founder Jennifer Carlson wanted to feed her babies food that was healthy and tasty, but was disappointed by grocery store options.  She started making her own baby food based on home-tested and much-loved family recipes. In 2006, Baby Gourmet launched and Carlson was soon doing impressive business in a year-round farmers’ market.  Mothers wanted what she was selling, company officials say.

After two years, Carlson closed down operations so she could scale up with mass distribution.  She re-launched Baby Gourmet in Canada through major retailers in February 2011, winning rave reviews and phenomenal business, officials say.  After just 10 months on the market, Baby Gourmet was available where 80% of all baby food is sold in Canada, including the major retail chains: Walmart, Loblaws and Safeway. “Presently the company enjoys 15% market share in Canada,” Carlson adds.

Inspired by her own children and the knowledge that kids begin to pick their own snacks, Jen created Squoosh with packaging designed to appeal to kids and launched it under the Kids Gourmet label, in Canada in December 2012 and in the U.S. spring 2013.

BanangoPouch_EnglishMade of 100% organic pureed fruits and vegetables (good for a full serving of fruits and vegetables in every 3.2 oz pouch) the four yummy combos are available in the following flavors:

  • BeetBerry – banana, apple, beet, blueberry
  • OrangoBango – mango, carrot, banana, apple
  • SquabbleBerry – apple, blueberry, squash, banana
  • Banango – banana, mango, apple, squash

Sqooush pouches are available in a four-pack with a suggested retail price of $6.15.

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