Balance Bar Launches New Ad Campaign Highlighting Advanced Nutrition

Balance Bar, maker of one of America’s original nutrition energy bars, has launched a new ad campaign that celebrates the nutrition, taste and lasting energy the Balance Bar brand provides. Focused on national print and television ads throughout August, the campaign features an illustrated couple looking to find their balance in a teeter-totter world where we are always on-the-go and running from one thing to the next.

13-BB-1011-AD-cropped_FINALThe new campaign, conceived of and produced by the in-house creative team at NBTY, parent company of Balance Bar, will reinvigorate the brand and make Balance Bar top-of-mind again with consumers when they are faced with so many options in a crowded and growing space. Balance Bar’s 40/30/30 nutrition model balances carbs, protein and dietary fat to help maintain blood sugar levels (already within a normal range) to enjoy balanced energy.

“Today’s busy lifestyles make nutrition energy bars more relevant and popular than ever.  The category is growing at double digit rates1, and more than one-third of Americans often eat snacks instead of meals when on-the-go2,” says Katia Facchetti, chief marketing officer for NBTY. “This growing consumer trend of needing convenient everyday products that will give you the sustained energy to keep you going is a perfect fit for what Balance Bar has always provided – balanced nutrition for long-lasting energy in a great tasting bar.”

In addition to the ad campaign, Balance Bar will continue to reach consumers through online and in-store promotions, public relation efforts, event sampling programs and social media campaigns. Currently, Balance Bar is promoting a Facebook sweepstakes offering fans a chance to win a trip to see the Northern Lights in Alaska to celebrate the brand’s newly launched Dark chocolate line. Contestants are asked to “own the dark” by finding hidden codes in various images posted online at, Facebook and Twitter as well as on coupons at sampling events through June 14.

As the newest addition to the Balance Bar lineup, the Balance Bar Dark line is available in three flavors all featuring a dark chocolate coating – Dark Chocolate Crunch, Dark Chocolate Coconut and Dark Chocolate Peanut. It includes 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa and bears their seal. It is also the first gluten-free line from Balance Bar.

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