Champagne Grapes from Frieda’s Now Available

ChampagneGrapes_Friedas_PackagedFrieda’s Champagne Grapes with an attention-grabbing green and purple label are available for pre-booking now. Packed in a 16/1-pound clamshell to protect the fruit, Frieda’s will have good supplies of Champagne Grapes beginning in July.

“Frieda’s new label stands out in your grape displays which makes it easier for consumers to find them and pick them up,” says Karen Caplan, president and CEO.  “No grape display is complete without Frieda’s Champagne Grapes!”

Frieda’s recommends displaying Champagne Grapes refrigerated with other grape varieties, and can be cross-merchandised with gourmet cheeses and wines for entertaining ideas. They are also a perfect addition to a Year of Purple display.

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