Gold’n Plump Launches The Mom Squad

GNP-MomSquad_Print_GoodChicken_LRGold’n Plump, a family-owned provider of chicken products, is proud to launch a new campaign called The Mom Squad, with the mission of “saving us all from bad chicken,” say company officials.

In Gold’n Plump’s new campaign, The Mom Squad educates consumers about what defines good chicken versus bad chicken. In each execution of the campaign, The Mom Squad removes the offending chicken that is injected with sodium-solution or has untrimmed fat or unwanted parts. They replace it with Gold’n Plump all natural chicken – high-quality chicken raised on independent family farms, hand-trimmed and free of excess fat and injected sodium-solution – to create a happy ending. The campaign reinforces Gold’n Plump’s commitment to premium-level product and introduces a new brand tagline, “Good chicken is our mission.”

In a recent consumer survey, Gold’n Plump found that 64% of consumers are changing the way they shop compared to a year ago, 77% of which are shifting their focus to buying and eating more healthy foods. As consumers become more aware of their eating choices, the research showed that they are most likely to purchase fresh chicken products that are highly trimmed, with no unwanted pieces and without sodium injected solutions.

“Gold’n Plump stands for chicken done the right way, not the easy way,” says Rory Bidinger, Gold’n Plump’s brand advocacy and marketing manager at GNP Company. “Through our new campaign, we’re inviting shoppers to take a closer look at the meat case.”

Bidinger continues, “Our hope is that The Mom Squad – out to protect and serve good chicken – inspires consumers to connect high-quality chicken with better meals and a better overall value. You’re not paying for unwanted fat or pieces or added solution.”

To accompany the campaign, Gold’n Plump launched a revamped website featuring a new recipe center, a new cookbook feature and The Mom Squad hub including agent profiles. The campaign includes television and radio spots, print advertising, various online advertising and event and grassroots marketing.

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