iheartkeenwah Partners with Level One Marketing to Enter Club Retail Channel

Level One Marketing, a club broker business development specialist, announced a new partnership with iheartkeenwah, makers of all-natural, gluten-free quinoa-based snack foods.  Level One will act as advisors on product distribution, packaging, product selection and promotion and help the young company launch its products in club warehouses.

new-products-almond-peanut-ginger-quinoa-snacks[1][1]“We selected Level One as our strategic advisors because they thought bigger and provided more services than any other broker we spoke to.  Level One didn’t want to just get our products in the door.  They applied their experience to help us grow our brand, differentiate it, manufacture our product and connect it with a new set of consumers,” says Sarah Chalos, co-founder of iheartkeenwah.  “Level One is the perfect partner for us because they instantly recognized the revolutionary nature of our snack foods and shared our vision. They help us solve problems and grow our business, and not just place orders.”

“We are laser-focused on introducing club members to disruptive, unique and exclusive food and beverages.  iheartkeenwah’s nutritious, creative snacks fit the bill in every way,” says Jeremy Smith, COO of Level One Marketing. “We understand the bigger picture of what they want to do, and so we tailored our services to go beyond acquiring shelf space and get them what they need to fulfill their vision, like identifying like-minded investors and manufacturing partners.”

iheartkeenwah was started by four friends who wanted to create a ready-to-eat quinoa snack with short ingredient lists, minimal food processing and full retention of its nutritional content. The company’s snacks, currently available in Almond, Cranberry Cashew, Chocolate Sea Salt and Ginger Peanut flavors, have expanded distribution since 2009 from specialty stores in Chicago and New York to over 400 specialty and grocery outlets, and soon to club warehouses everywhere.

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