MyWebGrocer and FGI Research Identify Five Distinct Groups of Digitally Active Grocery Shoppers

MyWebGrocer and FGI Research, a market research firm serving the CPG and grocery industries announced the findings of a new segmentation study, “Exploring the World of Digital Grocery Shoppers.”

The study investigates what unites and divides online grocery shoppers and planners by examining their opinions on in-store and online shopping preferences. While many digitally active shoppers are using similar solutions to improve their grocery buying experience, their attitudes and motivations differ. Understanding how these shopper segments think, as well as act, is critical for both grocery retailers and brands looking to engage with them digitally.

MWG and FGI leveraged the Grocery Voice Panel, a consumer panel of 30,000 digitally active grocery shoppers and planners, to conduct this research. The Grocery Voice Panel is comprised of highly qualified respondents who have agreed to participate in market research studies about why they shop the way they do.

The results identified five distinct shopper types:

  •     Reluctant Shopper – The Reluctant Shopper minimally plans to make the grocery trip bearable, primarily reviewing online weekly specials a few days before they shop.
  •     Traditional Grocery Enthusiast – Traditional Grocery Enthusiasts are the oldest group of shoppers, leveraging online resources mainly to research grocery store weekly specials. This group enjoys the in store shopping experience.
  •     New Digital Shopper – The New Digital Shopper is the youngest and most ethnically diverse group, with very active schedules. They do all of their planning online, search for deals, and are leveraging mobile and ecommerce to streamline their shopping when it’s available to them.
  •     Passionate Planner – The Passionate Planner enjoys planning and excels at it, as she builds lists in advance, uses online meal planning tools, and searches for recipes and product reviews online.
  •     Affluent Online Shopper – This high-income group is extremely busy and has little time to plan and go to the grocery store. The Affluent Online Shopper feels that online shopping is very easy and convenient.
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