Sunkist Growers Salutes Summer Citrus

Sunkist Take A StandLeveraging the power of lemonade, the Take A Stand program remains a marketing focus for Sunkist this year. The program is a cause marketing campaign that encourages kids to donate to their favorite cause or charity by hosting a lemonade stand. Sunkist provides retailers with kid-friendly lemonade stands that double as display units and encourage lemonade-themed promotions in stores to build consumer awareness and excitement about the program. Using Sunkist’s mobile site, parents are able to order a Sunkist lemonade stand at the point of purchase by texting or scanning a QR code at the store. To bolster excitement for this year’s program, Sunkist will be showcasing Take A Stand display options and sampling fresh lemonade at their booth.

“Since its inception, Sunkist’s Take A Stand program has engaged tens of thousands of children from every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada in charitable giving,” says Julie DeWolf, director of retail marketing. “Over the years, the Take A Stand program has evolved to make execution easy and impactful for retailers and we’re optimistic that our new mobile site and various display options will keep the program growing and thriving.”

Not Your Mothers GrapefruitThis season, Sunkist is also introducing modern uses for grapefruit with the Not Your Mother’s Grapefruit campaign, aimed at reigniting the fruit’s popularity by educating younger consumers about this delicious, nutrient-rich superfood. New, vibrant packaging touting the nutrition and weight loss benefits of grapefruit will be displayed at the United Fresh 2013 show and Sunkist Chef Jill Davie will serve up a flavorful Sunkist grapefruit salad, showcasing the distinct, tart-sweet flavor and beautiful pink flesh of Sunkist California Star Ruby grapefruit. Sunkist offers grapefruit year-round in bulk as well as multiple poly, net and combo bag options. An online grapefruit brochure with more information about the health and wellness benefits of grapefruit is available on Sunkist’s website.


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