Tender Choice Encourages Consumers to Release their “Inner Porkivore”

TC_mini t-stand_guyIn many people, there is a hidden “porkivore” waiting to be unleashed, say Cargill company officials, and releasing that desire to consume great tasting pork is the goal of the summer retail promotion from Cargill’s Tender Choice, a line of fresh pork products. Featured in hundreds of retail grocery store locations across the country, the promotion runs throughout part of the summer grilling season, May 24 to July 5, and employs a variety of communications materials and methods to urge consumers to get in touch with their inner porkivore.

Several in-store point-of-sale materials are provided for retailers to display in their meat cases to draw consumers’ attention, including:

  • Case headers
  • Mini t-stand posters
  • Rail talkers combined with a “take one” brochure holder
  • “Take one” brochures featuring a $1.00 off coupon and contest code

“This promotion supports our goals for collaborating with retailers to educate consumers on the versatility of pork and encourage those consumers who do not eat pork often to give it a try,” says Matt Novitzke, brand manager for Tender Choice Pork.  “Grilling season is here and our Tender Choice products provide consumers with a great eating experience every time because they are tender, juicy, flavorful and nutritious.”

Additionally, consumers can visit www.porkivore.com to participate in an out-of-store contest and collect badges.  After earning two badges, consumers are awarded a coupon worth $1.25 off a Tender Choice product; after securing three badges, consumers are eligible to enter to win a grill.

Participants earn the following badges for completing quizzes, polls and obtaining codes:

  • Scavenger: The only required badge, it is earned by entering a code found on the brochure available at participating stores.
  • Recruit: Test your chops with the porkivore quiz to determine what level of a porkivore you are.
  • Networker: Share porkivore.com on Facebook to show your friends and family how much of a porkivore you are.
  • Scout: Find the code to unlock this badge on the Tender Choice website.
  • Revolutionary: Let your voice be heard when you sound off on weekly polls.

Tender Choice

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