Bobi Bee Pioneers New Industry Category with Healthy Energy Sweet Treat

Unlike conventional caffeinated energy drinks, caffeinated energy shots and caffeinated gums which are under scrutiny by the FDA due potential toxic overdose, Bobi Bee is the first and only treat of its kind that works in reverse; the more you eat, the better the benefits, company officials say. Bobi Bee is so revolutionary it works synergistically with your body to fire-up up the body’s own energy furnaces, the Mitochondria, officials add.

Joe Williams, founder, president and CEO says he created a super healthy, mouthwateringly-delicious energy-treat that puzzled buyers when it first launched. Is it a candy? Is it a snack? Is it a supplement? Is it an energy food? How does it give energy without caffeine? Into which product category does it belong?

Logo (1)According to Williams, these are all questions he had to answer when he first presented Bobi Bee to retail buyers. Williams says Bobi Bee has created a whole new industry category and can be placed anywhere in the store. Consumers are seeking healthy products and Bobi Bee is the answer, he adds. It is non-toxic, caffeine-free, gluten-free and made with pure raw uncooked certified organic kosher Manuka Honey. Bobi Bee is naturally sweet and delivers healthy ingredients that power-up the body’s energy furnace, naturally. Everyone knows honey is a super-food. But consumers are discovering that Bobi Bee will deliver up to 15 times the benefits of regular honey, officials say.

According to Williams, buyers can be confident about placing Bobi Bee anywhere in their stores. Rapid sales at the check-out lane at a 350-store Michigan chain substantiate consumers demand for a healthy safe and convenient energy treat.

Williams said Bobi Bee is caffeine-free, gluten-free, and contains no dairy, available in a club-pack family-size, and a convenient six-count pack perfect for the on-the-go active lifestyles. Retail prices range from $3.99 to $39.95 depending on package size.

Williams says, over the next 12 months, Bobi Bee Sweet Treat will expand into most big-box retail stores and convenience stores across the USA. He said he is currently in talks with international brokers for worldwide distribution.

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