Dei Fratelli Truly Expands Line Tomato Products

TrulyBoxesHirzel Canning Co. & Farms, the family-owned and operated company who produces the Dei Fratelli brand, announces the addition of Dei Fratelli Truly Tomatoes to its extensive line of tomato products.

The three product varieties include: Petite Cut Tomatoes in a Light Puree; Finely Chopped Tomatoes in a Light Puree with Onion, Carrot and Celery; and Rustic Cut Tomatoes in a Light Puree.  All Dei Fratelli Truly Tomatoes weigh 26.46 ounces and can be easily substituted in recipes requiring a 28-ounce can of tomatoes. The Dei Fratelli Truly cartons will be available beginning July 2013.

Crafted for “home chefs,” these products offer a premium tomato product packaged in an environmentally responsible carton, say company officials. The eco-friendly packaging allows Hirzel Canning Co. & Farms to use a more delicate cooking process, thus preserving the fresh-tasting flavor that nature provides. The BPA-free carton provides an environmentally friendly and convenient package.  Because the carton is comprised of 75% paperboard, which is 100% recyclable, it has earned the certification from the Forest Stewardship Council.

“It’s about quality. When a product’s ingredients are so simple, they have to be quality and that has always been a focus for the Hirzel family. With local growers, we are able to monitor every aspect of the production from seed to shelf – ensuring that only the highest quality tomatoes make it into our products,” says Stephen Hirzel, president. “Each variety of our Truly Tomatoes offers “home chefs” a premium foundation for authentic soups, stews and sauces.  We anticipate this new line of products generating renewed enthusiasm in the shelf-stable tomato category.”

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