Dole Inspires Salad Fans with New Website

2013 -- EatingWellDole Fresh Vegetables has launched an inspirational new website reflecting the growing culinary evolution of salad and the DOLE Salads brand of prepackaged salad blends and all-natural kits. The new site,, combines hundreds of delectable new recipes with educational content, new photography, serving suggestions, entertaining tips and limited-time promotions designed to inspire consumers to experiment and explore salad’s culinary possibilities.

Reflecting the highly seasonal and evolving nature of salad and vegetable-based cuisine, the site is designed to be continually updated with new recipes, tips and trends. Several such updates are planned in the coming months. The goal is to provide a relevant resource that offers consumers new, fresh ideas to offer help with meal-planning, cooking, entertaining and recipe inspiration, say company officials. It is part of DOLE Salads’ larger digital footprint and commitment to consumer interaction that includes robust Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

“The new DOLE Salads website represents a digital version of our long-term mission to encourage consumers to eat more fruits and vegetables and to see salads as more than a side dish,” says Michelle Gonsalves, director of marketing for Dole Fresh Vegetables.  “We’ve added hundreds of new and unique recipes, beautiful photos, helpful tips and creative serving ideas that you wouldn’t expect to find on a salad website. The result is a constantly changing destination specifically designed to inspire and get people excited about eating their greens.”

Compelling new features of the site include:

  • Platings & Pairings: A collection of recipes dedicated to entertaining – including appetizers, dishes for holidays and special occasions, and “Wow! Serving Ideas,” which highlight new and inventive ways to delight guests.
  • Lettuce 101: An easy-to-read, educational description of the 28 lettuce varieties used in DOLE Salads blends and all-natural kits – complete with tasting notes and pairing suggestions.
  • EatingWell Recipes: A special offering of recipes resulting from Dole’s ongoing partnership with EatingWell magazine designed to elevate the culinary status of salad. Dole collaborated with the chefs and nutrition experts at EatingWell to create salad and vegetable-based recipes, serving, and pairing suggestions that highlight salads, fruits and vegetables, and are suitable for Americans at every stage of their lives. Look for a series of original articles from the EatingWell editorial staff in the future.
  • Recipe Reviews: Salad lovers can log-in to share their reviews and comments about each recipe with others.

Among the hundreds of recipes are salads in seven inspired categories – Breakfast, New Traditions, Eat the Seasons, World Flavors, Fruit Inspired, Try Something New and No Dressing Needed – plus separate sections for dressings and recipes for Dole’s 10 all-natural salad kits. The Beyond Salad section showcases lettuce-based recipes for everything from soups/stews, pastas/pizzas and crepes, cakes and soufflés to smoothies, sandwiches/wraps and hot sides – plus a separate section for stuffed, baked and stir-fried creations.

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