Founding Board of Seafood Nutrition Partnership Announced

A broad group of leaders in their respective fields has come together to serve as the founding Board of Directors for Seafood Nutrition Partnership. This governing body is Chaired by Mr. Judson Reis, president & CEO of Gorton’s.

The directors include: Ms. Linda Cornish, executive director of seafood nutrition partnership; Mr. Jack Kilgore, president of the consumer products division of Rich Products Corp.; Mr. Detlef Schrempf, president of the The Detlef Schrempf Foundation; and Dr. Allan Walker, the Conrad Taff Professor of Nutrition and Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Mr. Reis has been a long-time proponent of building greater awareness of the health benefits of seafood. “I am honored to be named the first Chair and am eager to help establish an organization that will be pivotal to encouraging a healthier America by increasing seafood consumption,” says Reis.

As an active philanthropist in Seattle WA, Mr. Schrempf was inspired by the mission to help promote health and wellness on a national level. “Taking good care of our families through eating a wellbalanced diet and frequent exercise needs to be top priority for Americans of all ages. Eating seafood twice a week can be the start of good nutrition habits,” said Schrempf.

Through Dr. Walker’s research on the importance of nutrition in human development he sees firsthand a great need to encourage Americans to improve their diet. “I am very supportive of public and private partnerships as an effective means to bring about social change. Seafood Nutrition Partnership is bringing together productive partners that can help make a positive difference with our public health crisis,” said Walker.

Mr. Kilgore has been involved from the onset to bring a vision for an independent non-profit to highlight seafood’s essential health benefits to life. “We have an opportunity as a seafood community to join together with health and wellness leaders to make a positive difference in our fellow Americans’ lives, and that is exciting,” says Kilgore.

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