Herbal Tea Growth on the Rise as Consumers Recognize its Benefits

2022528_Turmeric_Box_500pxIndustry experts have seen a dramatic rise in the use of herbal teas, suggesting that consumers recognize not only the great flavor, but other benefits as well. According to ongoing consumer research of more than 30,000 American adults by Natural Marketing Group (NMI), “the use of herbal teas has grown from 14.4% in 2006 to 20.1% in 2012– a dramatic increase of 40%.” NMI notes that these results confirm “an ongoing trend that consumers are recognizing the value of dual benefits – great-tasting products with the added component of health.”

With a 90-year history of delivering flavor through its single-herb teas, Alvita continues to focus on choosing only high quality, organic, wild-crafted or cultivated botanicals, prepared to provide the best Mother Nature has to offer. “At Alvita, we take great pride in selecting the most beneficial and delicious high quality teas backed with science and research. We make tea that goes beyond just tasting good,” says Alvita tea director LaMar Wiscombe.

Each Alvita tea is labeled with individualized preparation instructions to ensure that the appropriate servings are used, delivering premium flavor and herbal benefits. Alvita understands that herbs are gifts from the earth and takes this stewardship seriously by offering carefully harvested teas in earth-friendly packaging, officials add. Hand-illustrations adorn boxes made using 100% recycled paperboard, and the English pillow-style teas bags are oxygen-bleached, not chlorine-treated.

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