New Products from Daiya Foods

Daiya Foods is introducing a number of products to the market that are free of dairy, soy and gluten. The Vancouver, B.C.-based company is unveiling Daiya Slices in three flavors: cheddar, swiss and provolone style. The new Cream CheDaiya_Fmly3_wRflese Style Spreads are available in plain, chive & onion and strawberry flavors.

Daiya’s  new pizza products come in four flavors: cheeze lover’s, margherita, fire-roasted vegetable and mushroom & roasted garlic. Daiya products have  0mg cholesterol per serving, no trans fats or preservatives, company officials say. The Daiya Slices and Cream Cheese Style Spreads retail for between $4.99 and $5.99. The suggested retail price for Daiya Pizzas is $9.99.

“We know that fans enjoy our Shreds and Wedge products but are looking for more cheese options for different occasions,” says Greg Blake, the company’s co-founder and CEO of Daiya Foods Inc.

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