New Seasons Market is First Grocer to Earn B Corp Certification

New Seasons Market announced that it has become the first retail grocer to be certified as a B Corporation, joining a community of more than 750 mission-based, triple-bottom-line companies around the world. B Corp certification is an independent, third-party assessment of a company’s business practices. It recognizes businesses that place as much value on taking care of their staff, the community and the environment as they do on growing and operating their business. It is to sustainable business as fair trade certification is to coffee, or LEED is to buildings.

As a B Corp, New Seasons Market has committed to adhering to and constantly improving business operations that benefit people and the planet – just as New Seasons Market has always done and always will do, company officials say.

“B Corp is unique in that it recognizes truly sustainable companies; those that have a higher purpose for business beyond just profit,” says Wendy Collie, president and CEO of New Seasons Market. “We see achieving B Corp certification as an incredible  recognition of our commitment to being a socially, environmentally and financially responsible company. Since day one, New Seasons Market has placed as much value on taking care of employees, our communities and our environment as growing our business. To have an external organization acknowledge and verify that our business practices reflect true dedication to staff, vendors, communities, environment, accountability and transparency is not only wonderful news, but it sets our mission and our values in stone not just today, but into the future.”

To earn B Corp certification, New Seasons Market completed a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of its practices, governance, environmental and community impacts, staff benefits and culture. New Seasons’ assessment score can be viewed online at

For New Seasons Market, B Corp certification provides a framework within which the company can measure its success at living up to its mission and values, and maintain its commitment to continuously improve. As the first grocer to earn B Corp certification, New Seasons Market hopes to set an example for its peers in the grocery industry, as well as inspire others in the local and national business community, officials say.

“The levels of complexity in the grocery industry are very high,” adds Collie. “We offer more than 40,000 different products. We work with thousands of vendors, contribute to hundreds of non-profit organizations, welcome millions of customers every year, and divert 19 of the 20 tons of waste we manage at each store every day out of the landfill. For a business with our level of intricacy to achieve this recognition is simply remarkable. It’s a testament to our staff’s commitment to using the power of business for good.”

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