NoOodle Stirs Up Meal Starters with 20-Calorie Ready-To-Eat Angel Hair Soups

Chicken Flavor Infused Angel Hair NoOdleEntrepreneur and CEO, Chef Terri Rogers has souped up a low-calorie, ready to eat version of angel hair pasta that is whipping up interest among consumers and retailers alike, industry observers say.

Chief NoOodlist Rogers pioneered the all-natural NoOodle, a no calorie, no net carb pasta alternative, company officials say.  It is a pasta alternative used by celebrity chefs and home cooks to get a noodle-like consistency.

Rogers plans to launch her new line of ready to eat NoOodle Soups made with angel hair NoOodles on June 15. These new NoOodle meal starters are infused with a tomato-flavored broth or a light chicken-flavored broth.

The soups have only 40 calories and are made of 97% water and 3% gluccomannan flour, a yam based flour, which is 100% soluble fiber.  NoOodle Soups contain no gluten, fat, carbs, soy, or preservatives, and the angel hair NoOodles serve as a base for the new heat and serve products.

Each new flavor is packed with Glucomannan, a natural ingredient that slows digestion and traps cholesterol and fat from being absorbed by the body.

Rogers says she was inspired to create a variety of delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes centered around this powerful ingredient. The new flavor infused, low calorie NoOodle items sit in a light broth and are ready to heat and eat.  They can also be eaten as a soup or paired with meats, fish or vegetables as a side dish.

NoOodle’s new flavor soups include Tomato Infused Angel Hair with angel hair NoOodles in a tomato flavored broth and Chicken Flavor Infused Angel Hair with angel hair NoOodles in a light chicken broth. Each new ready to eat NoOodle Soup package contains two servings and is priced at $5.99.

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