Pets Want Meats and Veggies Farmed in the USA, too

The Terri & Sandy Solution, a strategic and creative advertising boutique located in New York,  announces the launch of a new advertising and social media campaign for Freshpet entitled “Patriotic Pets.”

Pets and VeggiesThe campaign is set to debut with national TV to precede the 4th of July holiday. Other campaign elements will break around the 4th of July, Labor Day and run through Thanksgiving. Beyond Freshpet’s unique positioning of fridge-fresh, all natural pet food, this new campaign highlights Freshpet ingredients, which are farmed and made right here in the USA. The 360 campaign includes :30, :15 and :10 TV spots that will run nationally as well as national and local digital banners, local in-store refrigerated case ads, posters, postcards and a social media contest that will feature branded posts on several social platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.

The contest will encourage pet parents to submit photos of their own patriotic pet for a chance to win a series of prizes, and for every photo submitted Freshpet will donate a package of food to an animal shelter in the USA.

 “Our company was founded on the simple idea that fresher, less processed foods are healthier for us and the pets in our lives,” says Scott Morris, Freshpet’s Co-founder and SVP of Marketing/Sales. “The ‘Patriotic Pets’ campaign is helping us educate consumers about what is really in their pets’ food and where it comes from. The more they know about our products, the more comfortable they will be serving Freshpet to their pets.”

The campaign, developed by The Terri & Sandy Solution, is designed to educate pet parents on what is in their pets’ food and where it comes from. Dogs and cats stand up for fresh, less processed food by requesting ingredients from farms in the USA. In the television spots, a variety of dogs wear signs around their necks while standing before an American flag background stating things like “I Want Veggies From Virginia,” “I Want Beef From Boise” and “I Want Chicken From Charleston.”

National digital banners and postcards will have statements like “America: Land of the Fresh” and “Let Freshness Ring.” Campaign posters will feature famous American figures such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Ben Franklin. The social media contest will encourage pet parents to submit photos of their patriotic pet for a chance to be crowned one of the “Four Fathers of Fresh” and be featured in Freshpet’s next social media campaign.

Given the huge trend towards locally sourced human food, the campaign will also include a local element. In-store, Freshpet will run refrigerator case ads touting ingredients in their food that are sourced locally. Digital banners will also be included in the local buy. A dog wearing a sign stating “I want Brown Rice from Brownsville” will run in Texas, and a cat wearing a sign stating “I want Whitefish from Wellfleet” will run in Massachusetts.

“The spot opens on a Portuguese Water Dog, a witty homage to the presidential pooch. It’s a quintessentially American dog speaking out for pet food made in America. We think it will really draw viewers in,” says Sandy Greenberg, Co-founder of The Terri & Sandy Solution. Adds Terri Meyer, Co-Founder, The Terri & Sandy Solution, “This campaign is really going to stand out on the air because it’s so graphic and simple. Dogs set against the American flag. It’s a striking visual that compels viewers to watch.”
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