Social Blends Inspires a New Breed of Adult Beverages

Slim Lizzy2There’s a new girl on the ready to drink cocktail scene, Slim Lizzy’s Cocktails. Slim Lizzy’s is the first strategically positioned brand by Social Blends, a company placing social consumption at the heart of their business operations.

Social Blends’ winning formula focuses on creating exceptional tasting, low alcohol and low calorie beverages for socially conscious alcohol consumer, says Sean McGirr, CEO. “The company’s success comes from making a substantial investment in qualitative research aimed at exploring cultural trends through target audience groups, specifically, female alcohol connoisseurs.”

Social Blends was created to serve female consumers due to the lack of focus in the industry on her needs, not to mention the not so low calorie options in the market. “Over and over, women told us what they wanted in a cocktail beverage, so we made it,” says McGirr.

SlimLIzzy_Grey Background BottlesSlim Lizzy’s Cocktails contains only 45 calories per 4.5 oz serving. “We focused on low alcohol so our customers can enjoy an evening with friends without worrying about over indulging. Our whole corporate mantra is Stay Social,” says Rich Simon, COO/CMO. “Working with our targeted consumer groups we quickly discovered taste matters alongside low calorie. Women purchase other brands with the low calorie presumption but haven’t gone back due to taste profiles.”

All Slim Lizzy’s Cocktails contain real fruit juice and only four grams of sugar per serving. Plus, there are no HFCS and it is Gluten Free. “Wine-based cocktails opened up doors in states where traditional spirits cannot be sold in retail, plus I believe we hit the right price point for the category,” adds Simon.

Slim Lizzy’s Cocktails are available in Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri and Cosmopolitan. Retail packaging options include a resealable/freezable single serve pouch and 750 mL glass bottle. Social Blends is also on the forefront of female consumption on-premise. The company has launched an innovative Slim Lizzy’s 20-liter Pub Keg for bars, restaurants and events that is compatible with D type kegs. Now on-premise locations and beer/wine only events can offer female customers a low alcohol and low calorie alternative to traditional offerings. With the explosion on-premise of craft beers aimed at male customers, Slim Lizzy’s offers an alternative for female customers alley.

Based on the quick success of Slim Lizzy’s Cocktails, Social Blends is looking to expand their horizons with several other groundbreaking beverages that fit the female consumers needs, say company officials.

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