Drugs and Deli

Just when you think you’ve seen very format and store combination, something new crops up.

My wife and I were traveling in Mexico recently and came upon the Drugs & Deli chain. In a space measuring about 20 feet by 15 feet, the store carOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAries everything a visitor might need—from anabolic steroids and Viagra (No, I didn’t buy any but I did price it!) to potato chips and beer.

Since drugs are largely unregulated, everything was available over-the-counter without a prescription. In fact, the only prohibition on sales that I saw was a two-day period during national elections when armed municipal police kept everyone from buying beer—but you could still get all the drugs you wanted!

You have to wonder, in light of the controversy swirling around Obamacare whether we are better off wrapping ourselves in the regulatory warmth of the FDA or just picking up what we want when we want it.

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