Eli’s Features Cheesecake for Foodservice

Elis_Vanilla Bean Slice 9 inchThe Eli’s Cheesecake Company of Chicago, a family owned business dedicated to baking the natural dairy cheesecakes and desserts as well as supporting community, local farmers and small businesses, is featuring Vanilla Bean Cheesecake for foodservice.

Eli’s takes vanilla cheesecake to the next level by infusing rich, creamy cheesecake batter with Nielsen-Massey single source Madagascar vanilla bean paste, say company officials.   It is baked in a fluted vanilla crumb crust and topped with house-made vanilla pastry cream, swirls of vanilla mousse and a sprinkling of vanilla crumb around the edge.

The cheesecake is 9” round, pre-sliced 14 and certified kosher dairy.

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