Frieda’s Introduces Organic Finger Limes

Friedas_FingerLimeGlamor2Frieda’s introduces Organic Finger Limes grown in California in three different retail pack sizes. A much sought-after gourmet ingredient, these small specialty limes are now in season, and Frieda’s expects to have supplies through December.

Frieda’s new retail pack sizes include 50g, 4-ounce and 8-ounce clamshells with Frieda’s signature green-and-purple label.

“We have been shipping Finger Limes to chefs all over the country for several years, so we are very excited to have more plentiful supplies of these eye-catching Finger Limes. Consumers can now find them in upscale supermarkets nationwide,” says Karen Caplan, Frieda’s President and CEO. “All kinds of citrus fruits are trending right now, so this is just the latest in Frieda’s line of Specialty Citrus.”

It is not unusual for the Finger Lime’s skin color to range from dark green to rusty red. Inside are greenish white to pink caviar-like bubbles of tangy citrus that pop on the tongue, say company officials. Frieda’s recommends displaying Finger Limes with lemons and limes to increase impulse produce sales.

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