Ghirardelli Chocolate Company Unveils Innovative Products for the Holidays

GCC_Logo_CMYK_HRThe Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has unveiled its new line of premium baking, hot cocoa, candy making and dipping products with zip-up pouches that are easy to open, use, reseal and store.

“Ghirardelli understands the needs of today’s chocolate lovers, bakers and entertainers for products and packaging that offer flexibility as well as flavor variety,” says Gabriele Saure, Ghirardelli senior brand manager.  “We know that bakers want to make a variety of treats and use more products ‘on-the go’ so we’ve changed our packaging to meet this need and added delicious new products and flavors to our line of Ghirardelli Baking products.”

A new spin on a traditional favorite

A traditional favorite, Ghirardelli’s new Premium Hot Cocoa comes in three flavors and new formulations for a cocoa that dissolves easily and has a rich flavor, company officials say. The newest flavor, Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Premium Hot Cocoa, joins Double Chocolate and Chocolate Mocha in the flavor line up. The classic Double Chocolate powder can be used to make traditional hot cocoa drinks and also serves as a sprinkle topping over everything from specialty coffee drinks, iced hot cocoa to desserts. The hot cocoas made with real Ghirardelli chocolate will be available in 10.5 oz. zip-up pouches, which contain nine servings of hot cocoa and Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate is also available in convenient, on-the-go individual packets (.85-ounce).

12 oz Dk Candy Making Wafers_loCandy making made easy

One of the exciting product launches involves Ghirardelli’s Premium Candy Making & Dipping Wafers. The new candy making and dipping wafers can be microwaved and even reheated.  Evenly sized, the wafers ensure consistent easy melting and the product does not require tempering unlike regular baking chocolate, company officials say.  Available in re-sealable 12-ounce pouches, there’s no need to break or chop bars.  The product is designed for making candy or decorative treats, including using them in molds or for dipped goodies, such as strawberries, pretzels or marshmallows. They’re also well suited for fondue and fountains, officials add.

Premium ground cocoa for great baking results

Ghirardelli Unsweetened and Sweet Ground Cocoa offers Ghirardelli’s signature intense chocolate taste in the new re-sealable pouches. The Unsweetened Cocoa comes in a convenient 8-ounce size and the dark color of the powder and the rich dark cocoa flavors are the perfect ingredient for many holiday recipes, from cookies and cakes to drinks. The Sweet Ground Cocoa is available in 10.5-ounce pouches and is a convenient choice for making frosting or brownies.

The newly re-packaged products will hit mass and grocery stores nationwide now through September 2013 when the previous brand packaging will be entirely phased out.

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