Karma Culture Launches Consumer Marketing Campaigns to Raise Brand Awareness

Karma_Family_Balance_frontKarma Culture recently launched a comprehensive consumer marketing campaign focused on raising awareness of Karma Wellness Water, increasing trial of the product and spreading good karma.

The creative portion of the campaign, titled “Transform Yourself,” includes fresh consumer ads that will be served to a targeted audience.  Included are print ads and digital media on platforms such as Pandora, health and beauty blog networks and geo-targeting on mobile devices. Targeted national media-relations and product-placement initiatives also support the program.

Additionally, the campaign includes a corporate-citizenship program aimed at encouraging people to spread good karma. “Random Acts of Karma” involves a grassroots effort that engages product ambassadors randomly performing acts of good karma and encouraging recipients to pass it on, company officials say.

Teams equipped with Karma Wellness apparel have infiltrated some major cities in the East such as Boston and Philadelphia, paying for fitness classes, covering the cost of family activities and doing other random acts of karma, while encouraging the “Good Karma” recipients to keep the movement going.  Participants are encouraged to share their experiences on social media through Facebook and Twitter, where the hashtag #RandomActsofKarma tracks the acts of goodwill. Brand reps continue to keep a steady flow of positive and health-focused content posted on both Instagram and Pinterest. The initiative also directs recipients to a designated “Random Acts” landing page.

“We believe that if you do something positive, you’ll get something positive in return,” says CJ Rapp, CEO and co-founder of Karma Culture.  “The whole notion of pay-it-forward is true to Karma’s DNA.  Who better than Karma to promote good karma and acts of kindness?”

Karma Continues Successful Expansion

Retail availability of Karma continues to expand; and sales of Karma are strong, officials say.  Karma is available nationwide in Canada through its partnership with Lassonde.  Recent retail wins in Canada include Costco, Metro, Couche Tard, Shell and Macs.  In the U.S., Karma now has more than 120 distributors servicing all or part of 25 states.  Newly secured wins at retail include Shaws, Weis Markets, Harris Teeter, Fairway Market, Roundy’s, Holiday Stations, Pantry, Sunoco A-plus, Quick Trip and Circle K.

Karma offers several strengths. Among them are a great name, best-in-class cap, experienced management and an unsurpassed commitment to excellence, officials add.

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