Potandon Produce Invites Retailers to Pile On The Produce

pileontheproduce_v3Potandon Produce presents Pile On The Produce, a retail display contest in which retailers are encouraged to build an attractive and memorable display using Klondike Brands potatoes, along with complimentary fresh produce items, to demonstrate healthy eating and drive overall produce sales.

This retail display contest will begin on August 19 and run through September 30, 2013, to coincide with kids going back to school. Klondike Rose potatoes are the only fresh potato product to carry the Box Tops for Education logo.

Potandon is proud to be helping schools across the nation with funding through this program, say company officials. Retailers are encouraged to keep their display up for at least two weeks to engage consumers to purchase more produce items as they move from the grill, back into the kitchen to cook.

Potandon will provide a point-of-sale kit with a variety of signage to aid retailers with their display. Retailers can order point-of-sale materials online from www.klondikebrands.com/point-of-sale-kit. Retail entries will be broken down by store size; 1–5 cash registers, 6–10 cash registers and over 10 cash registers. There will be a first through third place winner in each of the categories—first place pays $1,000, second place pays $750 and third place pays $500.

Displays must be entered online by October 4, 2013 at www.klondikebrands.com/display-entry. A consumer sweepstakes will accompany the retail display contest engaging consumers to enter to win one Apple iPad2 per week starting September 1 and running through September 30. Consumers will be given a QR code to follow, or they can log onto the contest at www.klondikebrands.com/sweepstakes.

There will also be links from our Facebook and Twitter sites that will allow consumers to enter the contest. Potandon will also be running a national blogger contest to create healthy recipes using the above potato products along with other produce items.  These bloggers will be encouraging consumers into the stores and touting the health benefits of both potatoes and complimentary produce items.

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