Taking ‘Little Bites’ Out of the Landfill

little-bites-logoEntenmann’s Bakery, a Bimbo Bakeries USA company and maker of more than 100 sweet baked goods, has partnered with upcycling and recycling pioneer TerraCycle to launch the Entenmann’s Little Bites Pouch Brigade. Shoppers can now send their empty Little Bites packages to TerraCycle to be recycled or repurposed. For every two pounds of pouches returned, TerraCycle awards points which can be used for charity gifts or converted to cash and donated to the school or non-profit organization of the collector’s choice.

The Entenmann’s Little Bites Pouch Brigade will accept pouches for all Entenmann’s Little Bites varieties, which are popular lunch snacks for school children. Any school, charity, community group, organization, family or individual is welcome to participate.  Shipping the packages to TerraCycle is free for Brigade members.  The pouches that are collected will be recycled into new, innovative consumer items ranging from flowerpots to recycling bins to playgrounds.

entenmanns-arrow-image-v3-us“The Entenmann’s Little Bites team is pleased that our joint venture with TerraCycle will help offset the tonnage sent into the waste stream each year,” says category director Lorraine Hale.

“We are excited to team up with the makers of America’s favorite baked goods and pass along the recycling message to the families who enjoy their snacks,” says TerraCycle CEO and founder, Tom Szaky. “Because Little Bites are so popular with children, involvement with this Brigade is a great way to educate and inspire younger generations to recycle more. When children see that their collected pouches can be turned into a new and useful product, recycling will hopefully become a lifelong habit for them.”

The Entenmann’s Little Bites Brigade is easy to join and operate. Interested parties can sign up for free at www.terracycle.com. Once an individual or organization is signed up, they can collect in any cardboard box. Once that box is full, a prepaid UPS shipping slip can be downloaded directly from the TerraCycle website. The box can be dropped off at any UPS store or pick-up site. The material is sent to one of TerraCycle regional facilities. In May and December each year, the collector is sent a check for donations they earned.  Entenmann’s Little Bites Brigade members must send at least two pounds per shipment to receive TerraCycle points.

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