USA Onions are Heating Up the Grill

Official-USA-Onion-Grill-Off-Logo1Fire up the grill! The USA Onions/Idaho-E. Oregon Onion Committee is sponsoring a new grilling competition this fall as part of its ongoing promotional efforts to encourage consumers to include onions on the grill.

The competition series will include six separate grilling events, each held over the course of a three-hour period prior to a Boise State University football home game. It will be a key component of the tailgate atmosphere for Boise State’s football season and is being designed to build awareness and national branding for USA Onions.

Each grilling competition will match two contestants, who may have three additional members on their teams. The teams will have to develop a grilling/tailgate recipe that incorporates USA Onions and other local products, which the competitors will be informed of beforehand. The winner will be determined by three pre-selected judges.

All competitors and judges will receive a gift basket of products, including a Weber Time to Grill Cookbook. The winner will receive a custom Weber charcoal grill, as well as national recognition as a 2013 USA Onion Grill-Off winner.

The Idaho Governor, Butch Otter, will be competing against a surprise contestant on September 28, prior to the Broncos matchup with Southern Mississippi. Other high profile contestants, such as chefs and sports figures will be recruited for the event, says Sherise Jones, IEOOC’s marketing director.

Other activities to occur at the competitions will handing out recipe cards with the competitors recipes, caramelized USA Onion sampling and mascot meet-and-greet.

USA Onions

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