A Bite of Bliss

WW_side Choc_28932-RTv6mDecadent and diet are not often used in the same description, but consumer feed back for Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods new brownie bites have induced just that response, say brand officials.

The Triple Chocolate Brownie Bliss is a brownie layered with chocolate ganache and a chocolate coating, while the Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss is layered with peanut butter and a chocolate coating. They have only 80 and 90 calories respectively no trans fat and each have a PointsPlus value of two per serving.

“We are going after that person who is watching their calories but wants the experience of a sweet treat,” says Jamie Griffis, associate brand manager for Jackson, Mich.-based Dawn Food Products, the manufacturer of the Weight Watchers Brownie Bliss. “When speaking with consumers, we wanted to identify the eating occasions they must look forward to and brownies are one of the top.These are very rich and creamy.”

The brownie bites join other Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Good products, including Chocolate, Lemon, Carrot and Red Velvet Crème Cakes, Chocolate Brownie, Coffee Cake, Cookies and Muffins.The Brownie Bites have a suggested retail price of $3.29.

Brownie Bites
from Weight Watchers

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