Blue Horizon Wild Introduces White Tablecloth Seafood at Home

SeafoodCioppinoThe sustainably sourced, premium prepared seafood company, Blue Horizon Wild, has announced that it is introducing a line of all natural, seafood entrees using the classic French cooking method of steaming recipes in a sealed wrapper or en papillote.

Often used by white tablecloth restaurants, en papillote seals in natural juices and nutrients that are typically lost during other cooking methods such as baking, sauteing and broiling.  The result is moist seafood infused with the flavors of the vegetables, herbs and other ingredients steamed in the wrapper with it.  En papillote relies on little or no oils or butter for moistness so it is a healthier way to enjoy seafood, company officials add.

The combination of en papillote and microwave solves one of the biggest concerns about enjoying seafood at home:  how to prepare it properly.  All the consumer has to do is place the en papillote wrapper in the microwave and in six minutes, it comes out cooked to perfection, officials say.

“These entrees aren’t only fantastic tasting,” says Chuck Marble, president of Blue Horizon Wild, “They make a beautiful presentation right out of the wrapper.  They literally plate themselves.”

The four new recipes are based on regional specialties from around the world:  Seafood Cioppino, Sweet & Spicy Sole, Mediterranean Salmon and Seafood Enchiladas.  Each is prepared in small batches and features all natural ingredients and, of course, responsibly sourced sustainable seafood from artisan fishing communities.

The new Blue Horizon Wild entrees are already in national distribution and can be found in either the seafood or frozen food cases of a number of national retailers.

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