Choice Organic Teas Puts New Spin on “Medicinal” Teas

horizontalwellnessWith cooler months and “tea season” just around the corner, it won’t be long before consumers start restocking cupboards with everyday hot tea favorites like Earl Grey, Genmaicha, Chamomile, and the many other tea choices on the market. Since the fall and winter seasons tend to present more challenges to overall health with colder weather and richer foods, adding “functional” teas into the everyday mix is a good idea. But while there are many medicinal teas on the market for supporting health, consumers often have to forego flavor for the health benefits. No more! The tea crafters at Choice Organic Teas want to remind tea lovers that now they don’t have to sacrifice flavor for functionality, or vice versa.

Choice Organic Teas, the first exclusively organic tea crafter in the United States and first in the country to introduce Fair Trade Certified teas, is proud to say that their new Wellness Teas taste great and support healthy body functions to enhance wellness, company officials say. Unlike some of the functional teas on the market, the new Wellness Teas feature delicious as well as soothing and nurturing herbal combinations, officials add. This spring, the company announced its partnership with Bastyr University, the largest accredited natural health university in the U.S. Together, they formulated the new line specifically to resonate with Choice Organic Teas’ loyal customers who love the taste and balance of their teas, yet want a tea geared toward relaxation, mental alertness, throat and tummy health, and more.

The blends are classified as Herbal Dietary Supplements (HDS), indicating that the product has met FDA standards for quality and testing.  It also creates opportunities to merchandise the teas in the supplement section in addition to the tea aisle in retail stores. As with Choice Organic Teas’ other products, all of the Wellness Teas are certified organic by QAI for USDA Organic Certification.

Offered at a suggested retail price of $4.69, the inaugural varieties include Easy Digest, Mental Focus, Breathing Space, Rest Assured, Regularity, Throat Cozy, Simply Detox, and Energy Boost. The eight SKU’s feature 30 different active, certified organic botanical herbs that are recognized and used for their health supporting qualities. With the exception of Regularity, the Wellness Teas have been formulated for daily use.

“With our outstanding character and clarity of flavor, Choice Organic Teas has grown to become one of the best selling brands of organic, non-medicinal teas,” says Anne-Marie Phillips, head of sales and marketing for Choice Organic Teas. “A wellness tea line was the obvious next step for our brand and we were committed to making sure this new line shared the same values as our other teas combining our expertise in crafting, sourcing, blending, and packaging the world’s finest organic ingredients with Bastyr’s expertise in the natural health sciences to craft a line of delicious teas that support everyday health and well-being. Our collaboration with Bastyr has been an exciting and valuable addition. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner for this project.” A portion of the proceeds from the new line will help advance the field and practice of natural medicine by directly supporting the Bastyr University Student Scholarship Fund.

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