Hussmann Redesigns Website to Enable Excellence in Food Retailing

HussmanWebsiteHussmann has launched new websites for Hussmann, Hussmann Mobile and Krack Corporation. The new websites help enable excellence in food retailing by providing comprehensive information tools for retailers and other customers to use to enhance their operations and improve their business results.

The new sites offer visitors not only a new look, but also many improvements to content, navigation and functionality.  All the new sites are available in three languages: English, Spanish and French.

One of the highlights of the Hussmann site is a new Value Rotator, which provides expanded information and videos regarding areas of special interest for customers including: Merchandising, Food Quality, Sustainability, Retail Performance and Enabling Excellence.

Visitors to the Hussmann site also have the opportunity to personalize their experience with information tailored to their interests.  They can use a new cross-section comparison tool to aid them in their planning, and they can view a full spectrum of Hussmann equipment and services in the new Photo Gallery, which includes over 800 photos.

For customers on the go, the expanded Hussmann mobile site automatically launches when or is accessed from a phone. It includes mobile specific versions of all products, services, locations, photos and technical information. The updated design of the site is similar to the new Hussmann site.  It includes improvements to look, content, navigation and functionality.

The company began the website project by analyzing what people used most on previous sites. Users were asked for their input and comments, and Hussmann reached out to its internal departments for suggestions on how to make the websites better.  Many user suggestions were incorporated in the final designs, and the sites were launched on July 1, 2013.

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