Verlasso Receives ‘Good Alternative’ Ranking

Verlasso salmon became the first and only ocean-raised farmed Atlantic salmon to receive the “Good Alternative” buy ranking from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

Verlasso received the Good Alternative, or yellow, ranking as a result of its participation in the new Seafood Watch External Assessment Model, which provides aquaculture and fishery operations the opportunity to receive a ranking by going through a rigorous evaluation with a third-party assessor.

“Verlasso is devoted to finding comprehensive solutions for salmon aquaculture’s historic challenges,” says Scott Nichols, Verlasso director. “We are deeply gratified by Seafood Watch’s recognition of our efforts. We have collaborated with conservation leaders to help us on our journey to raise the best salmon with sustainable practices. The Good Alternative ranking is an exciting validation of our achievement.”

Among the farming practices that enabled Verlasso to earn the Seafood Watch buy ranking:

  • Verlasso has an industry-leading fish in fish out (FIFO) ratio for both fish oil and fish meal.
  • Verlasso salmon require 75% fewer wild-caught feeder fish than traditionally farmed salmon.
  • Verlasso salmon are raised at half the pen density of traditionally farmed salmon.
  • Verlasso follows a long fallowing cycle that gives the waters time to rejuvenate fully.
  • Each Verlasso fish is traceable to the farm where it was raised through a gill tag QR code.

Verlasso Whole Salmon - Wide Photo

“The Seafood Watch assessment of Verlasso’s hatcheries, farms, processing plants and management took 16 months,” says Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly, director of Seafood Watch. “Based on the extensive data we collected, which was vetted internally and by external peer reviewers, we’re confident that Verlasso is raising Atlantic salmon with environmentally responsible practices.”

“We’re proud to support the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s efforts to engage producers, consumers, businesses and chefs to foster the sustainable seafood movement,” adds Nichols. “Seafood Watch is the best known, most trusted source in North America for information on environmentally responsible seafood choices. We’re proud to share Verlasso’s buy ranking with our loyal customers and the many consumers, retailers and chefs who have relied on Seafood Watch recommendations since 1999.”

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