A Wegmans Letdown

I grew up outside of Wegmans’ marketplace, so it was not until college that I first walked into the Holy Grail of supermarkets (at the time). My roommate, Christine, grew up a regular at the chain and introduced me to it, but as I mentioned, we were in college, funds were limited. We split our grocery shopping between Wegmans for the fresh and fancy things we spoiled ourselves with and PriceChopper for stock-up cupboard items.

Christine and I have stayed real close, and lucky for me, she still lives in the Wegmans’ marketplace, which guarantees me a trip — or two, or three — whenever I visit her. This past weekend was no different. We made no less than three trips to Wegman’s in the three-and-a-half days I was in town.

However, for the first time ever, Wegmans let me down – slightly.

On our last trip there, a quick stock up of fruit, veggies and other fresh-department items after a visit to Trader Joes for more cheeses (I’m a big fan of the Trader Joe’s cheese section). The number one thing on my list? Guacamole!

I love me some guacamole. And while Christine insisted she could make better guacamole than anything purchased in a store – and she proved herself the next day – I wanted guacamole immediately. I wanted it in a container now, so when we got home it could be on a chip and in my mouth quicker than you could say “Av-o-cad-o!” I insisted we buy some and set off into the glimmer of Wegman’s produce department to find it.

Looking… looking… looking…

Finally Christine went to ask an employee. (I never ask. In a grocery store I am the female equivalent of a man who took a wrong turn on a road trip.)

Conclusion: The store does not sell packaged guacamole… because they make their own.


We found the fresh guacamole. It looked delicious – It was delicious! – but it was the only option. Now, I have quoted myself on this blog numerous times saying that one of the reasons I love Trader Joe’s is the lack of decision-making it requires. One option – voila! But Wegmans, well that’s another story. I have come to expect options at Wegmans. Not a ton of options, but options.

There I was, with a seriously intense, must-have craving for store-bought guacamole, and I had ONE choice. No Wholly Guacamole, no Yucatan Guacamole, no nothing.

Do not get me wrong, I repeat: the store-made guacamole was very delicious. The glass-half-full girl in me is gracious for the opportunity to try something new that ended up being enjoyable. It was just not what I was looking for… and I have come to expect Wegmans to have what I am looking for.

On another note, Christine and I had very delicious Sushi and White Lightening beer from Full Pint Brewing Company, based in Pittsburgh, for breakfast at Wegmans the first day I arrived. Wegmans offers a top-notch craft beer selection…

It seems they have their priorities in check.



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