CMI Expands its HERO Program Domestically

HeroLaunchThe Washington state apple- pear- and cherry-grower/shipper CMI is expanding its HERO brand apple program to include a series of snack-sized apple pouch bags showcasing Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala and Granny Smith varieties.

Until now, the HERO  program has been largely concentrated in export markets, branded with a simple black silhouette of a heroic figure. The new look, which will be distributed domestically, brought the HERO program to life by utilizing retro styling, bright colors and by giving him a face.

The new HERO  packaging was inspired by the imagination of children. Steve Lutz, vice president of marketing, says his team’s research process which brought their new hero to life. “I could not have been more thrilled with the research that went into launching this program. Before our pencil ever touched paper, a panel of children drove the look and feel of our direction, so this program is 100% youth driven,” he adds.

CMI is confident that the new pouch lineup will attract renewed domestic interest in the HERO program. Parents involved in the strategic branding of the revamped HERO program were excited that HERO was more than just a bag of fruit, say company officials. The HERO program comes complete with a website portal that encourages their child to be an everyday hero and gives them ideas on contributing both at home and in their community.

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