EVOL Foods Announces New “Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole” Line

EVOL_Photo_Quesadillas_FamilyEVOL Foods, Boulder-based maker of made-from-scratch natural and organic frozen meals and snacks, announced the launch of a new line of frozen Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole, available at Target stores nationwide.

This year, EVOL Foods has added a number of new products to its already robust product line, including gluten-free burritos, “PLUS” burritos with guacamole and new gourmet entrees such as Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese and Ziti Bolognese. The new Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole line takes the frozen food experience to the next level, and marks EVOL’s first foray into the frozen snack category, company officials say.

“2013 has been a hallmark year for EVOL Foods and the release of our new Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole marks another milestone as we continue to expand and move into the snack category,” says COO and founder, Phil Anson. “The response we’ve received to our new products thus far has been fantastic and we believe fans of EVOL and new customers alike will love the new quesadillas.”

With these snack options, EVOL is encouraging consumers to “snack smarter”, by taking advantage of real food made with real ingredients and big taste, officials add. The quesadillas will each come with a complimentary pouch of convenient, ready-to-eat guacamole made from Haas avocados. While the quesadilla is being warmed, the frozen guacamole pouch can be defrosted by simply soaking it in a glass of water. The EVOL Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole will be available in four different flavors, including:

Chicken Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole: White meat chicken is braised in a guajillo chilé sauce and combined with cheddar cheese, pinto beans, rice and a tomato salsa in a flour tortilla and packaged up with two packets of guacamole.

Gluten-Free Chicken Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole: This gluten-free variation of EVOL’s traditional Chicken Quesadillas brings together all of the same ingredients, but includes brown rice and folds everything into a whole grain, gluten-free tortilla that holds up in the freezer and microwave.

Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole: Spicy chipotle chicken, cheddar cheese, pinto beans, rice and tomato salsa combine in a flour tortilla along with fresh guacamole.

Fire Grilled Steak Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole: Steak is fire-grilled and wrapped in a flour tortilla with cheddar cheese, black beans and rice along with a tomato salsa.

Each package of the Quesadillas PLUS Guacamole comes with two quesadillas and two packets of guacamole and are available for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

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