Lark Fine Foods is Adding Spice to the Holidays

KRINK pr bannerLark Fine Foods has unveiled its new seasonal cookie: All Natural Spiced Chocolate Krinkles.

The festive cookies join Lark’s other holiday offerings of Russian Tea Cakes; the Holiday Shortbread Trio containing their best-selling Salted Rosemary Shortbread along with Burnt Sugar & Fennel and Whole Grain Espresso Chip shortbreads; and the All Natural Saint Nicholas Cookies, which is their version of Dutch Windmill cookies. Available from October 15th through December, Spiced Chocolate Krinkles are thin, crispy chocolate cookies with hints of blood orange and warm winter spices, say company officials.

“While we’re presenting this cookie as a seasonal offering, we’re sure demand will outlast the holidays. It’s delicious and complex and too good to only enjoy in winter! The spices conjure up everything one expects in a winter treat without demanding it remain in the dark and frosty months,” says Nicole Nordensved, co-owner.

With its magenta and maroon packaging, accented by metallic gold, All Natural Spiced Chocolate Krinkles make a great gift, say officials. Each box of approximately 12 cookies come packaged in a rectangular, open-faced box measuring approximately 4.75 inches long by 3 inches high and wide.  The suggested retail price is $8.99.

These new cookies are a nice compliment to Lark Fine Foods’ 13 other interesting and unique cookies including their two 2012 sofi Gold winners: Whole Grain Lady Birds, crisp 100% whole wheat oat cookies with cranberries and bittersweet chocolate; and Scourtins, traditional French-style sweet and savory olive wafers. Lark also makes three cookie mixes, making it easy to bake the flavors of Lark right at home.

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