NMB’s Mangover Campaign Delivers Outstanding Results

The National Mango Board’s (NMB) new marketing campaign, Mangover, delivers record-breaking results for their consumer PR & marketing program, reaching consumers a total of 715 million times at the close of the second quarter of 2013. This significantly exceeded their quarter two goal of 689 million impressions.

The Mangover program is designed to illustrate how mango’s versatile taste and year-round availability make it an easy upgrade for meals and snacks. With new Mangover spokesperson, Clinton Kelly, consumers are becoming more familiarized with how to incorporate the fruit in everyday meals, all while learning how to select, cut and ripen. The NMB works closely with consumer media throughout the year and across the country to get mangos in magazines, newspapers, on websites and on TV.

Kelly spread Mangover messages to consumers during The Chew while featuring a Mango Margarita, highlighting that mango is the only sweetener in the drink because of the tropical fruit’s natural sugars. Just a few days later, Kelly brought the Mangover message to millions when he appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and prepared mango recipes inspired by Cinco de Mayo with Ray. According to their latest results, the NMB also gained strong coverage in several national media publications and magazines. A total of 35.8 million impressions were garnered from this coverage.

The NMB distributed a mat release about “Mangovers Made Simple” which featured simple ways mangos can make dishes more flavorful and enhance mundane dishes with a pleasant, sweet surprise. Influential parenting and food bloggers are another important audience for the NMB as their outreach efforts for Mangover Your Season includes delivering fresh mango shipments with delicious mango recipes to influential parenting and food bloggers. In addition to sending mango shipments, they had a presence at BlogHer Food on June 7th at Swift’s Attic in Austin, Texas by hosting a popular offsite event for prominent food bloggers. They provided a hands-on tasting experience of all four seasons to show how mango pairs with seasonal favorites. Approximately, 90 bloggers attended the event. In result, the NMB gained coverage on numerous consumer blog posts where bloggers “Mangover-ed” an ordinary recipe and revitalized it with the tropical flavor of mango.

Furthermore, the NMB continued their social media outreach by engaging consumers to participate in mango recipe contests on Facebook, and surprising and rewarding individuals who are talking about mangos on Twitter through their Social Media Surprise & Delight program. The NMB surprised individuals with an offer of a mango shipment. Thus far, from Surprise and Delights, Twitter and Instagram winners, the NMB garnered over 3.5 million impressions. As a result of the NMB’s extensive social media outreach efforts, they reaped in a total of 176 million impressions.

In addition to outreach efforts, the NMB website is a great source rich with tools and information, not only for the industry, but for consumers as well to help educate them about mangos. As a result of their outreach efforts and their Mangover Launch activities, the NMB hit record breaking website traffic with more than 130,000 new visitors to mango.org in just three months! Their Mangover campaign drove 27,000 of mango.org visitors to their mango recipes page; a 697 percent increase compared to last quarter. In the second quarter, the NMB’s website had a total of 214,267 new visitors; exceeding their quarter 2 goal of 150,000.

For more information and to download the NMB’s Quarter 2, 2013 Consumer Marketing Program Results Tracker, please visit www.mango.org/industry/consumer-marketing.

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