THE AMS GROUP Launches as a Turnkey Organization for Aftermarket Solutions

Longtime industry leaders Hillphoenix and Anthony have joined their field operations to create THE AMS GROUP. The group is described as an aftermarket one-stop shop that will help retailers dramatically cut energy costs, increase sales through better merchandising and help take the worry out of how to accomplish critical business objectives with less money and fewer resources.

“No one has more industry experience or a greater ability to work with every original equipment manufacturer than our two companies, and THE AMS GROUP comes armed with a range of individual initiatives,” says Craig Little, general manager. The initiatives include: Close the Case, Remodels, Roll Outs, Refresh, Case Parts, Energy Upgrades and Refrigerant Conversions.  “A client can select the solution that will impact the bottom line, whether it is one of our initiatives or a completely customized solution,” Little adds.

The companies behind the new THE AMS GROUP have had 50+ years of field operations experience and include among their customers such leading retailers as Publix, The Home Depot, Walgreens, Walmart and Target.

According to Little, THE AMS GROUP can handle your aftermarket needs on a large scale from start to finish. “From national program rollouts to remodeling projects across multiple sites – we can implement simple exterior upgrades to comply with new branding guidelines such as painting and decor, to major interior renovations involving refrigeration, HVAC and general contracting capabilities.”

All THE AMS GROUP field solutions have a strong focus on maximizing project ROI and saving energy wherever possible. For supermarkets, where energy consumption is the second highest operating cost behind labor, THE AMS GROUP works continuously with its customers to show them how they can dramatically cut these costs while reducing their carbon footprint through effective energy upgrades or enhanced refrigerant management.

“For instance, by closing display cases and adding LED lights, retailers can cut energy costs as much as 75% – giving cases a fresh look while extending the shelf life of products. Revitalization also renews customer confidence and excitement to spark sales – research shows that more comfortable shoppers buy more products. It also gives store managers and employees a renewed sense of satisfaction,” he says.

Little explained that THE AMS GROUP can manage refrigerant conversions, which is another high priority on customers’ lists. “Now that the eventual end of R-22 is in sight, many stores will most likely have to be converted to a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. This can be a daunting and complex task,” he says.

THE AMS GROUP has developed an effective process and a dedicated team to give retailers options that will be EPA compliant – and prevent these harmful gases from escaping into the environment. And by doing installations over night, there is minimal interruption or inconvenience to customers or employees. “In many cases, you wake up to a new store at the end of every project,” Little says.

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