Avanti Introduces New Cards for the Fourth Quarter

Avanti expands its A*Press collection this month with new cards for Birthday, Congratulations, Get Well, Support and Sympathy. This introduction illustrates how far the brand has evolved into what the company has called a one-of-a-kind humor collection.

200337-1380642045“A*Press features high-end production values that evoke the traditions of hand-made and letterpress design,” explains Avanti’s Director of Design, David Laubach. “But it really stretches the genre in fresh ways. While retaining its “love of paper” ethic, the A*Press brand attitude – which is smart, stylish and funny – makes this truly a unique statement brand. You won’t find anything else like it that combines original concept design with clever copy for a real twist on the idea of premium humor.”

There is also more refreshment for the popular StandOut collection, featuring surprise graphics on the insides that punctuate the verse with added energy.  For example, a diamond-swathed “showgirl cat” with blue feather tiara performs on a purple stage, the letters W-O-W standing out from the inside, with the verse “You always find the right balance between too much… and way too much! Happy Birthday.”

Avanti cards retail for $2.99 while all StandOut cards retail for $3.99.

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