Beemster Renames its Cheeses

Beemster Fixed Weight Group ShotBeemster has proven its cheeses retain their wonderful taste no matter what they are called. Beemster used a recent packaging redesign to also rename its cheeses, making it easier for consumers to distinguish between each variety.

Consumers unfamiliar with the award-winning artisanal cow and goat‘s milk cheeses from the Beemster polder in the Netherlands often made their selection based on price alone. The new repack labels allow consumers to choose based on their palate preferences. The labels prominently state the name of the cheese and feature a cow or goat to confirm the milk type.

In addition, they highlight the age and chief texture and taste characteristics. The sunset in the background of the label changes color to reinforce the age of the cheese, and helps shoppers understand the differences among the cheeses in the line.

Beemster Mild (previously Beemster Red), is aged two months and is described as Soft & Creamy. Beemster Medium (previously Beemster Farmers’ Choice), is aged six months and is described as Semi-soft & Tangy. Beemster Aged (previously Beemster Classic), is aged 18 months and is described as Firm & Bold. Beemster Extra Aged (previously Beemster X-O), is aged 26 months and is described as Hard & Robust.

Random weight and exact weight lines are now available. Exact weight feature Mild, Medium and Aged, along with a selection of their specialty items: Vlaskaas, 2% Milk and Goat, on sale in convenient four pound cases. The 150-gram/5.3-ounce exact weight wedges can be reconfigured in the display case to recreate a complete wheel. The random weight line also includes Vlaskaas, 2% Milk, Mustard Seed, Wasabi and 4-month Goat.

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