Everfresh Introduces Premier Varietals

Everfresh Juice Company is doing with apple juice, what the wine industry has long done with wines – introducing lines of apple juice that feature the distinctive flavor of five separate varieties of apple. Instead of having just one flavor of apple juice, the 100-percent juice line, called Everfresh Premier Varietals, will feature five different varieties of apples.

EFV_LineUp_100713GLThe five unique flavors are Granny Smith, McIntosh, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious and Fuji. “About a year ago, I was grocery shopping and noticed all the different varieties of apples, and it got me thinking about apple juice and its taste,” says Alan Domzalski, COO and vice president of finance at Sundance Beverage Company, which produces the Everfresh juice line. “It occurred to me that wines come in different varieties because different varieties grapes are used. Why couldn’t we do the same thing with apple juice using different varieties of apples?

“The result is Everfresh Premier Varietals, a refined line of all natural apple juices from a wide variety of apples that are each true to the taste of that specific variety of apple. We’re proud to have created a distinctive line that is leading the field, something no one else has done before with apple juice,” adds Domzalski.

Everfresh Premier Varietals join more than 50 other juices in the Everfresh lineup. The five varietals are available now throughout Michigan in 12-oz glass bottles. The varietals can be found in select retailers in the produce section, retailing $1.49 each.

The five varieties of apples in the current line are described by company officials as:

  • Granny Smith: Discovered in Australia in the 1860’s; the most instantly recognized of all apples; light green in color, with a tough skin; high level of antioxidants.
  • McIntosh: Discovered in Ontario in the early 19th century; crisp, red apple with refreshing sweet flavor; commonly used in applesauce, cider and pies.
  • Honey Crisp: Developed at the University of Minnesota in the early 1960’s; crisp and predominately sweet.
  • Golden Delicious: Discovered by a West Virginia farmer at the end of the 19th century; favorite apple for salads, apple sauce and apple butter.
  • Fuji: Developed in Japan in the 1940s; cross between Red Delicious and Ralls Janet; crisp, sweet flavor.
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