Food Forum: Looking beyond barriers

By Andres Siefken

Breaking through boundaries can lead to business success and consumer loyalty.

For those of us operating in the increasingly complex and competitive retail world, it is easy to get caught up in a cycle of putting out fires instead of taking a long, hard look at the best ways to grow our business.AndresSiefken

Considering rising food costs, e-commerce competition and the evolving needs and demands of more globally minded consumers, brands and retailers must find ways to look beyond existing barriers to find new avenues to achieve business success and long-term consumer loyalty.

If we actually had time to stop and explore the question, ‘I wonder if?’— What would be the outcome? If this seems like a silly exercise, consider that it came highly recommended by world-renown philosopher Galileo. He was famously quoted as saying, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them.”

By erasing existing boundaries, you change the conversation. You energize and empower your organization. You open up new directions to solve your business challenges.

For those who want to take the leap into considering new worlds of opportunity for their business, Galileo Global Branding Group can help. We have brought together our collective 30 years of retail-specific research, branding, marketing and design services into one centralized agency that can actually transform insights and trends into business-building initiatives that help our retailer and supplier partners achieve new levels of success.

Many traditional branding agencies are too linear in their recommendations for retailers. For instance, believing that all private brand strategies can apply to every single retailer is a recipe for failure. A family-owned, mid-sized retailer in Nebraska obviously has a far different set of cultural and socio-economic nuances to consider before launching a brand than a mass-market organization dealing with channel blurring and consolidation.

Since we touch more than 1,700 brands and 165,000 SKUs around the world, we offer unmatched capabilities to explore possibilities with a more informed and inspired perspective. Our approach is entirely insights-based, but we do more than deliver information. We invest in understanding consumers on a local, micro and global, macro level to get to the bottom of what motivates consumers, offering real-world strategies for responding to them. Our concept to commercialization approach is unique to the industry and takes our partners on a journey that brings new thinking to an organization and a fresh perspective on brand management.

Our deep retail roots allow us to interpret insights through the lens of the shopper and tap into the target marketplace to discover new opportunities.  We conduct research, reveal insights and then bring them to life with top-notch brand identity services, including packaging design, in-store consumer engagement and groundbreaking POS materials.

Our work has generated billions in sales for the more than 100 retailers we partner with across 14 channels of trade, in 49 countries and six continents.

We also have the expertise to bring to market specialty brands with big equity but zero food retail experience. Most recently, Galileo worked with iconic Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing to launch Chicken Soup for the Soul Foods, a line of comfort foods including soup, broths, flavored broths, gravy, soup toppers and more.

With dedicated offices in Lisbon, Portugal; Tokyo, Japan; China; Seoul, South Korea; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and our headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, we have access to authentic local information and inspiration.

Whether elevating an existing brand, introducing innovation, building a new brand, or creating a new service, Galileo Global Branding Group offers comprehensive global expertise across channels, categories, continents and cultures to open up new worlds of possibility.  It all starts with a willingness to wonder.


Andres Siefken is chief marketing officer for Daymon Worldwide and heads up the Galileo Global Branding Group. He can be reached at


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