Grāpple Ape Spotted at PMA’s Race for Talent

Grape ape with kids The iconic and lovable “Grāpple Ape,” official mascot of Grāpple Brand Apples, came to life during the Annual 5K PMA Race for Talent.

Greeting race participants with enthusiastic high fives and handshakes, the Grāpple Ape rallied surrounding onlookers to cheer on race participants as they ran alongside the scenic Mississippi River. In addition to supporting race activities and fundraising efforts for the Race for Talent, the Grāpple Brand Apple team created the new mascot to help promote the importance of healthy eating and to spread the word that eating healthy can be fun.

During the two day trade show event, the Grāpple Ape triggered enthusiasm from retailers eager for the fun-loving mascot to make store appearances at special events throughout the year.
Pre-race shot
Contributions raised during the annual Race for Talent help fund the PMA Foundation, whose mission is to help retain and cultivate talented professionals for an impactful career in the produce industry. The Grāpple Ape and its team were joined by more than 900 participants whose support raised a record breaking $115,000 in sponsorships for the upcoming year. Look for the Grāpple Ape at upcoming shows, charitable events and next year’s Race for Talent in Anaheim.

CMI and Rainier Fruit Company are the exclusive producers of Grāpple Brand Apples which they distribute to their customers and other Washington Apple shippers.

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