Host of PBS’ EAT!DRINK!ITALY! Partners with Atalanta Corporation

Vic Rallo Jr., host of  Eat!Drink!Italy!, has partnered with Atalanta Corporation, an importer of specialty foods into the US, to promote the best of Italian food and beverage products on his popular PBS primetime show. The sponsorship deal incorporates Atalanta’s portfolio of Italy’s best known and highest quality products on the nationally syndicated PBS show further strengthening the company’s commitment to educating the consumer and trade on the “Made in Italy” brand.

Vic Rallo is the owner of two New Jersey Italian restaurants, Basil T’s Brewery and Italian Grill in Red Bank, and Undici Taverna Rustica in Rumson, and is recognized as an expert on authentic Italian food and wine. His television show, Eat!Drink!Italy!, has begun shooting a second season and will be available to a national audience as of October 27th on PBS’ digital channel, Create.

Atalanta Corporation is a privately owned food importer in the U.S. specializing in cheeses, meats, groceries and seafood products from around the world. The ancient Greeks revered the goddess Atalanta for her prowess as a hunter and the speed in which she acted. The Atalanta founders took this name for the company to emulate both her swiftness and ability to provide.

Today, Atalanta Corporation prides itself on providing their customers, suppliers and partners with the best possible service with speed and efficiency. The Atalanta products to be featured as sub-sponsors in the second season of Eat!Drink!Italy! include Ferrarelle, Italy’s #1 naturally sparkling mineral water, Fontana Prosciutto, the artisan prosciutto from Parma, Piave cheese, Veneto’s best kept secret, Pivetti flour, milled from the finest Italian wheat and Tomarchio, the Italian soda company.

“What is really at the heart of Italian cooking is just simple and sumptuous ingredients,” says host Vic Rallo. “This partnership allows us to educate viewers about Atalanta’s stellar portfolio of Italian products and bring the best of Italy’s artisan products into people’s homes and kitchens every week.”

Tom Gellert, vice president of Atalanta, adds, “Americans have an ongoing love affair with Italian cuisine. What makes Italy so special is the regionality and diversity of products; there is always something new and exciting for customers to discover. We are confident with Vic and Eat!Drink!Italy! that we have found the perfect partner to raise awareness about these exceptional Italian artisan products.”

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